-CNC CHRA  - reducing temperature and providing more lubrication.

 Instead of making Cast CHRA  , we choose to make CNC CHRA , which we can enlarge oil and water runner as bigger as we want.

Cast CHRA has the limit of minimum thickness, it is impossible to enlarge the oil and water runner flexibly as CNC CHRA.


-Scraping Thrust Bearing-Steadier than ever

Scraping is the newest machining method, which makes the surface more smoothly so it could provide steady oil pressure.

The steadier, the better.


-Uddeholm Tool Steel for the Parts

100% Tool Steel, high-strength special steel, intended for applications with severe demands on the mechanical properties of the material.

Snail Turbo CJB IS20 (Golf 7 GTI)

  • Snail Turbo new JB series.

    The CNC core with optimized inner structure with performance parts.