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Snail S55 M3/M4 hybrid comes with Ball Bearing system that completely bolts on to engine. You can just remove your stock turbo and easily change it. Plug and play, spare your time! Our ball bearing system features a USA spring to help ball bearings get fixed at where it should be.  Even after long term use cause "the gap" appears and the displacement of Ball Bearings take place, Spring is a big help to fix this problem! Besides, spring can efficiently bring quick spool through our design.

The turbo also features Dual 6 Blades 3rd Geometry Billet Wheel that creates more space to flow air and dramatically make the power and torque. 

We apply our Snail 9 Blades Turbine wheel to S55 M3/M4 hybrid. It comes with open area and special blade design to reduce back pressure and keep the power and torque at mid range/top end.


Snail CBB Ball Bearing

-Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing Hybrid

-The world's latest innovation Spring preloaded ball bearing system

-Dual 6 Blades 3rd Geometry Billet Wheel

-Snail 9 blades High Flow Turbine Wheel

-Dual Seal Ring

-Finely machined Upgrade Housing

-VSR balanced

-Single Part balanced

Snail Turbo CBB S55 M4

  • Snail Turbo new BB series.

    The CNC core with optimized inner structure and spring preload system, power is in sync with your feeling, the laggy problem is no longer exist!


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