Snail CBB RS3 hybrids are like others CBB turbos. We make a Ball Bearing system that bolts on to the engine. You can just remove your stock turbo and easily change it. Plug and play, spare your time!


The ball bearing system features a spring to help the ball bearing get fixed.  Even after a long term use, the wear won't be a big issue for the turbo. In addition, spring can efficiently bring quick spool through fixing ceramic ball bearings, this design are more 

The turbo also features 3rd order geometry wheel that creates more space to flow air and rise the power and torque. Turbine wheel has open area deisgn to reduce back pressure.

Snail Turbo CBB RS3 8V Facelift

  • Snail Turbo new BB series.

    The CNC core with optimized inner structure and spring preload system, power is in sync with your feeling, the laggy problem is no longer exist!