-CNC CHRA  - reducing temperature and providing more lubrication.

 Instead of making Cast CHRA  , we choose to make CNC CHRA , which we can enlarge oil and water runner as bigger as we want.

Cast CHRA has the limit of minimum thickness, it is impossible to enlarge the oil and water runner flexibly as CNC CHRA.


-Custom Ball Bearing from Germany - Snail Turbo R&D team knows the best material and parts.

This Custom Ball Bearing is designed to an angular ball, which works better and holds wider surface than the normal ball bearing.


-Spring Preload System-Better than Rigid Pressure

After long-term use, space where bearings works will become larger, spring preload system will compensate the gap, so turbo keep working efficiently and extend its life.


-We make parts by ourselves!

Everyone knows how important and precise turbo parts must be.

Some of companies import parts  from China , which always has very poor quality.

The huge difference from China Parts and ours will appear in the high boost.

China parts used to died in higher boost , as the precision of turbo is very bad.


-Dual Seal ring on both turbine and compressor side. - free from oil leaking

Snail Turbo CBB IS20 (Golf 7 GTI)

  • Snail Turbo new BB series.

    The CNC core with optimized inner structure and spring preload system, power is in sync with your feeling, the laggy problem is no longer exist!