Snail Audi S4 B9 500hp+ turbo, the turbo uses 3rd geometric compressor billet wheel we made, 3rd wheel has advantage of absorbing more air, and this will help increasing the efficiency, besides, pure material turbine wheel is much more stonger to against high temperature.

Machine work is a essential point to get quick spool,we know the best range for a gap between housing and turbo body.

If gap is too big, turbo needs more time to fulfill the air so it will have lag, and if it's too small, air is hard to go in, it will cause turbo failed.

This upgrade turbo is designes to be a plug and play model, easy to install, easy to fit.



Snail has a professional team to handle all the works for you, choose Snail, choose the best.

Snail Audi S4 B9 500hp+ turbo

  • -Genuine BorgWarner Turbo

    -Perfect machine work on Housing to get fast spool and power

    -3rd Geometry Billet Wheel

    -High Flow Pure Material Turbine Wheel

    -Capable of 500hp+